Sub-themes of the Theme

  • I. Civil Engineering Education

    1. Sustainability of Civil Engineering Education in the context of UN S.D.G

    2. Ethics an important component of Civil Engineering curriculum.

  • II. Infrastructure Design and construction technologies.

    1. Innovative Infrastructure, design practices and construction technology for sustainability.

    2. Infrastructure development for smart and sustainable cities and affordable housing for developing economies.

  • III. New Construction Materials

    1. New construction materials and sustainability of infrastructure.

  • IV. Geo Technical Engineering

    1. Geo technology management, operation & safety.

  • V. Transportation

    1. Eco-technologies in pavement design & construction of roads & airports.

    2. Traffic Management, operation & safety.

    3. New frontiers in Railway technology.

  • VI. Environmental Engineering

    1. Green building concept, design & construction technology & their impact on carbon rating.

    2. Landfill management technology for energy production.

    3. Industrial waste treatment technologies & water pollution.

  • VII. Water Resource Management

    1. Water resource management techniques & technologies.

    2. GIS and water shed management techniques.

  • VIII. Renewable energy

    1. Renewable energy, its storage & use.

  • IX. Application of IT & modeling

    1. Application of IT in Civil Engineering projects.

    2. Modeling for efficient design of Civil Engineering projects.

  • X. Disaster Management

    1. Disaster preparedness, mitigation & rehabilitation.

Submission Details:
Authors may submit abstract of their papers on any of the above sub-themes or any topic relating to the sub-themes.

(A) Template for Abstract Writing (CECAR9)

(B) Template for Full Paper (CECAR9)

(B) Abstract and full papers may please be mailed to the Director (Academic) ICE(I) by the stipulated date as under: