olympic of cecar
cecar olympic

CECAR9 is going to act as a catalyst for sustainable development and CECAR triggers a setting for the engineers to sow the seeds for future generations. It also enshrines the social responsibility of ensuring that the participating economies bequeath a positive and sustainable legacy. Hence it is perceived as the Olympic of Civil Engineering.

Staging the CECAR can be a defining moment in India's history by providing a unique opportunity to initiate long-lasting, positive changes. CECAR9 is committed to expand expertise, inspire understanding and foster deep collaborative engagement.

CECAR9 is attracting influential stakeholders and ensures that serious issues could be dealt with head-on during spontaneous and uninhibited conversations in confidential surroundings. These conversations brought to the table many new ideas. More often than not, these ideas then self-organized themselves into the mental schematics of the participants, who would return from these meetings, go back to their local ecosystems, and apply what they had learnt there. CECAR9 thrive on this multiplicity of voices. CECAR9 aims to create infinite possibilities.

The conference will be a platform to inspire and engage the infrastructural fraternity across India and globally through observation, experimentation and fructification of ideas via inferences and model building. A marriage between innovation and technology that fosters critical and design thinking will be an important outcome in unearthing the possibilities for sustainable development. Our efforts towards channelizing more resources for research and development are rooted in the belief that widely accessible and environment friendly engineering solutions will need an ecosystem to sustain them and require the best and brightest minds to steer the sails.